A tall man stand on a dark stage at the Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane. He stands on a small red circular carpet in front of a large TEDx Brisbane sign on the floor behind him and a projected presentation above him. His name is Peter Ellerton.



With the huge increase in live video streaming platforms, and the thirst for dynamic content, there’s no excuse not to be live streaming in 2023. In many cases, audiences are demanding it from their brands and leaders, to give them the ultimate flexibility in viewing time and engagement. And you, as the content producer, also have a greater range of flexibility when delivering your product, taking your content right to your target audience, wherever and whenever they are watching and giving your content a sense of immediacy and urgency.


With ‘67% of people who watched a live streaming event buying a ticket for a similar event’ (source – LiveStream, 2021), we know that live streaming and in-person events go hand-in-hand, each driving audience to the other, which equals more eyes to your brand. And for conferences, Meeting Tomorrow found a ‘23% conversion rate of remote attendees who become physical attendees the next few times the event is offered.’

People who livestream events are the same people who attend events. Choosing which to attend and which to livestream can depend on a range of factors. Distance, location, time, cost and convenience are just some of the deciding factors. In our busy lives, giving people choices can increase your audience.

And the best way to stream is with multicamera video productions. Not only is it affordable but it looks amazing and is completely engaging. Being able to capture the scope of an event while also showing incredible detail is exactly why audiences stay engaged.


Whether you create highlight videos or simply archive your event for future viewing, your livestream footage can continue to work for you for years. We only have to look at the global phenomenon of TED to see how that can work. One of our own TEDx videos has over 250, 000 views!


There are many ways to monetise livestreams with pay-per-view and livestream sponsorships being the top two. Online attendees are happy to pay to attend virtually The range of options open to sponsors to attach their brand to yours is endless, and each method can be monetised. And switching last-minute cancellations from in-person to online can also save your clients and keep their money flowing to you.


The immediacy of live sport means that it’s perfect for livestreaming. Indoor sports, outdoor sports, short game, all-day tournaments, multi-day events – they all work for streaming. TV-style multicamera production means they can look like any sport seen worldwide, and can have similar reach. And having the ability to re-watch, or catch-up on a game is a bonus.


Keynote addresses and multi-speaker conferences are a hit on with livestreaming audiences. Being able to give online viewers choices between which room they’d like to view view while also giving them a range of engagement tools has proven to widen the reach of many events. Increase your audience and your revenue by livestreaming.


There’s something about watching your favorite artist playing live from your lounge room. Sure, the smell of sweat isn’t dominating, but that camera is getting up really close, giving you a box seat for the electric performance. Live music, theatre, dance, orchestras all lend themselves to multi-camera live streams beautifully.

Sport climbing live video stream from Urban Climb's Boulderfest 2019.
Urban Climb Boulderfest
Live video stream for Melbourne University Alumni Association.
Melbourne University Alumni Event
Live video stream from Woodford Folk Festival 2019
Amanda Palmer – Woodford Folk Festival 2019

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