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If you’re looking for an experienced live video streaming and video production company, you’re in the right spot.
We produced hours of live and recorded video content for dozens of organisations, year after year.
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A woman with brown shoulder-length hair, wearing a black suit jacket over a white t-shirt, and a necklace of blue beads stands in front of a wall with blue and black geometric shapes on it. The Bean Ninjas launch with Meryl Johnston. Video by David Pawsey
Video Production
& Web Content
A wide shot of darkened Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane with a full audience looking at the stage that has a projector screen showing 'TEDx Brisbane.' A large sign sits on the floor of the stage, also saying 'TEDx Brisbane.' This event was live-streamed by Queensland Live Streaming
Live Video Streaming & Event Recording
A montage of hybrid and virtual production title slides including book covers and their authors, Queensland Poetry Festival Awards Night, Couplet Poetry Online, Deadly Editors and Red Room Poetry Festival. These hybrid events and virtual events were recorded and live streamed by Queensland Live Streaming.
Hybrid & Virtual Events
A woman sits on a chair in a video recoding studio. She is wering a pink corporate skirt and jacket suit. She has short blonde hair. There is a video camera, shotgun microphone and teleprompter in the foreground. The background is a white wall with a green screen poking out one edge. There is a short black block with a vase of tall flowers against the white wall. The floor is black in the video studio. From a production recorded by Queensland Live Streaming.
Studio Hire
A shot from a drone above Lake Gkula in Woodfordia, Queensland. The small lake has an irregular shape with visible rocks along some of the edge. A small island with a pointy tree sits in the centre of the lake, toward the far end. The whole image is mostly green from the trees and the water. The water is so clear, the contours of ledges in the water can be seen from above. At the far end of the lake, a round roofed building sits next to some trees. A road follows the contour of the lake on the near and far sides. From a drone video recorded by Queensland Live Streaming
Drone Hire

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