Drone photos and video of Hinze Dam, Queensland.


Drone video and photos

When you need to see from a different perspective, we can provide the best drone photos and video. Drones can show you a world often missed, and it’s usually spectacular. Whether you need a building inspected or something more cinematic, our drone experts can capture it all from the air.

Drone shot are perfect for marketing material, perfectly capturing your business from an angle not usually seen. And with 4k/24mb becoming the standard, the videos and photos are of exceedingly high quality. Reuse the footage or photos for years to come.

With so many high quality drones on the market theses days, the cost of aerial photography and videography has plummeted in recent years. The days of hiring a helicopter are over (yes, some people could afford that!), with drones being smaller, lighter and more efficient to fly almost anywhere.

Soon we will get home deliveries via drone, go fishing via drone and even fly our ‘cars’ via drone technology. We’re only scratching the surface of the possibilities. But even in these early stages you can take advantage and get your roof inspected, get an aerial shot of your home or create engaging content for your business, all from the air.

Our pilots are fully ensured and licensed by CASA to fly drones commercially. We can cater equally for single shot drone projects to multi-shot, multi-drone productions. We can record and edit into any number of engaging videos or use drone photos and video in live streamed events. Drones can also be added to outdoor multi-camera productions to give another, awesome, angle.

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The haunting timbers of Hinge Dam, Queensland, Australia
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