“93% of businesses got a new customer because of a video on social media.”

source: Animoto – Social Video Trends: Marketer Insights for 2020


From single cameras to drones and multi-camera productions, recording your event means you’ve got it forever, and the uses for the footage are endless. Build marketing videos, social media assets, training assets and accurate archives, all from one event video. All recordings are made with broadcast-standard high definition video and audio equipment and professional operators.


Explainer videos are essential to get your message across quickly and are the ultimate tool for audience education. Deliver short, clear, concise and snappy content for instant understanding. Educated potential customers about your products or services, or breakdown complex or lengthy topics into easily digestible bite-sized chunks. If you’re looking to create ‘lightbulb’ moments, explainers are for you.


Strategic use of video can build your audience while you focus on your core business, but first you need to grab their attention. With all social media services favouring video over other forms of posting, now is the time to boost your social media game with engaging video content. From writing through to shooting and editing, we collaborate to produce the strategy that works for your business.

“Qld Live Streaming is my go-to company for high-quality professional video editing. In addition to being quick and precise, I’ve found David to be very knowledgeable in his field and always able to offer suggestions for improving the end result.”

Trinity Ryan – Crystallise Learning


Do you have footage you’d like to re-use, re-purpose or re-brand? One of the best parts of having high quality footage is being able to re-use it for new campaigns. We can even work with phone footage, if that’s what you’ve got. Contact us about making old new again.


Video is the perfect tool for building your brand and can really make you stand out amongst your competitors while staying authentic to your story. Let’s talk about showing you in the best light through video.


Do you need a landing page, informative or instructional video? We’ve helped lawyers land the right clients, gurus launch their books and accountants advance their reach. Let us know what we can do for you.

David considers the environment, the presenters level of experience on film and scopes the project from all angles with great detail. This results in an excellent outcome that means that we go into filming day feeling organised and confident.”

Mel Telecican – LOYALIST


We’ve worked with Phillips Family Law over a number years and a wide range of projects to assist them to best respond to the needs of their clients. In this instance we worked with Mel Telecican at Loyalist, to create a header video for their website to attract attention and shine a light on their practice.

Then specific video content was created that answered their FAQ’s. These explainers broke down confusing elements of family law to allow potential customers to pinpoint the assistance they required or to educated them in some of the nuances around their particular situation.

Services: script advice and editing, lighting, audio recording, dual camera recording, editing.