Conferences and Keynote Speakers

TEDx Brisbane

TEDx Brisbane 2017 was shot live with 9 cameras at The Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane. The video was live-streamed to the TEDx Brisbane Facebook Page and shared by media partners Brisbane Times, to reach around 250,000 people. The campaign included recording and streaming each of the 19 speakers and performers and an interview couch that operated between sessions.

Pre event videos were recorded and released at targeted moments to coincide with audience gathering, ticket releases and speaker announcements.

One of the most watched videos from that day is George Blair-West, with almost 245, 000 views.

Services: multi-camera production, recording, live streaming, single camera recording, editing, social media strategy, social media video creation

Corporate & Business Video Content

The Philips Family Law website, with the header video, can be viewed at

Philips Family Law

We’ve worked with Philips’ Family Law over a number of projects to assist them to best respond to the needs of their clients. Together with Mel Telecican at Loyalist, we created a header video for their website to attract attention and shine a light on their practice.

Then specific video content was created that answered their FAQ’s. These explainers broke down confusing elements of family law to allow potential customers to pinpoint the assistance they required or to educated them in some of the nuance’s around their particular situation.

Services: script advice and editing, lighting, audio recording, dual camera recording, editing.

Sports Coverage

Festival Video

Slideapalooza White Slide

Slideapalooza After Movie

Music & Theatre

Recorded with four cameras in the multi-camera format, the show was broadcast live on Ch7 Plus. Each camera was also recorded separately and used by Channel 7 (with other footage and the amazing visual projection assets created by Simon Woods for the show) in the creation a documentary around the Armistice Anniversary. The documentary aired in Channel 7’s free-to-air television channel and online and can be viewed here:

Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19 The Fire Event – Live Event Production

Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19 – The Fire Event – Behind-The-Scenes

Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19 The Fire Event – social media content

Cycling Qld

Cycling Qld contracted us (in our former incarnation as Live Action Video) to shoot 4 Friday Night competitions, streaming each live to their Facebook Page. In total, over the 4 events, 23,000 viewers watched the exciting racing at the Anna Meares Velodrome.

One highlight was the race between World Champion Jordan Kirby and 4 youth riders, who were keen to get some bragging rights over the champ.

Services: multi-camera production, recording, live streaming


The Slideapalooza waterslide festival took place over a weekend at the fabulous Sirromet Winery, just outside Brisbane. With perfect grassy slopes, it was great location for sliding. Videos were created for each of the 5 slide varieties and a variety of specific social media videos were filmed and edited for release on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. An After-Movie highlights the whole festival.

Slideapalooza by Festival Services.

Services: single camera recording, drone footage, action camera recording, editing, social media video creation


In November 2018 we proudly worked with QPAC (Qld Performing Arts Trust) and Channel 7 to live stream the only performance of Armistice, live from The Lyric Theatre, QPAC. The production commemorated the 100th anniversary of Armistice.

Services: multi-camera production, recording, live streaming, single camera recording.

Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival takes place between December 27 and Jan 1 each year in a vast property just outside the town of Woodford (about 1.5hrs north of Brisbane). In 2020 we set up in The Grande, the largest indoor venue on site, and captured each performer using our multi-camera setup.

In addition, we also broadcast the festival’s first full artist set, live streaming the incredible Amanda Palmer (USA) to the festival’s facebook site.

The Fire Event is the spectacular closing ceremony of the Festival, and takes place on the night of January 1 each year. Performed by over 1000 people either on-stage, in the People’s Orchestra or Festival Choir, it is watched by over 10,000 people in The Amphitheatre.

I have been Director of the Fire Event video for 6 years, working with a dedicated bunch of videographers and editors to feed the festival social streams with daily tales of the Fire Event team creating the show and then to shoot and edit the show itself.

6 crew created the set of behind-the-scenes videos and 9 cameras (and operators) filmed the Fire Event itself.

Services: multi-camera production, recording, single camera recording, editing, social media strategy, social media video creation