“If you need fast, professional and effective solutions for online events then I cannot recommend David Pawsey and his team more highly.  They are my go to ‘Pivot’ experts.”

Pip Boyce – Managing Producer, Queensland Music Festival

Jonathan Welch AM for Queensland Music Festival

Hybrid and Virtual Events are now a mainstay of our lives. Both Hybrid and Virtual events share similarities but differ in some key ways.


Virtual Events take place completely online with audiences participating anywhere in the world. They engage through a variety of purpose-built platforms that allow them to simply view the content (Webinar-style) or engage in flexible formats such selecting ‘rooms’ to view, workshops to participate in, respond in chatrooms, get involved in Q&A’s and make contact with other participants. While the audience is all online, the speakers could be a mix of online and in-person, with the locations unlimited.

There are such a wide range of possiblities with Virtual Events.


Many of the functions in Virtual Events are also used for Hybrid Events but the audience is both online and in-person. This allows organisers to engage in both face-to-face and online methods, opening the door for far greater interaction options. Speakers and workshop convenors are generally in-person, but can also be virtual.

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